One Week, Three Million Strong

The US requires massive and lengthy protests, similar to the 2004 Orange Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine, to have any chance at repudiating the death grip that international financial and petrochemical military industrial complexes have on US domestic and foreign policy agendas.

The scale of the protests in Kiev was unprecedented. With a population of roughly 45 million, the protests lasted nearly a week. By many estimates, protesters numbered well over 500,000, and on some days drew up to one million to the streets, in freezing weather. A great number of the protesters even camped out in tents for the entire duration.

Protests in the US would have to be over 3 million people strong and last a week to equal the intensity of the 2004 Orange Revolution protests and wrest power from the corrupt financial and petrochemical military industrial complex backed oligarchs that have ruled the US for over half a century.

Please use the following web link to the Week Long Three Million Strong Facebook Page to make any suggestions or comments on how and when to organize a congregation of three million people to peacefully protest and request the US government correct its wrongdoings.

Week Long Three Million Strong Facebook Page

May 6-12, 2012

2004 Orange Revolution Links (read less)

It is the intention of One Week Three Million Strong to hold informational events, speakers, legislative contact sessions during the week of May 6-12, 2012.  If your organization would like to hold an informational session please contact us.  If you would like to participate in legislative contact sessions please contact us with your name, name of your representative, date you will be in Washington D.C.,  and issue you would like to address.  Anyone wishing to be a speaker please contact us with a copy of your speech. 

Address                       3 Million Strong

                                      3523 North Second Street

                                      Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110

Telephone                  (717) 695-0185

Mobile                        (717) 461-1400


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